Warriors use heavy armor and weapons such as swords and
axes to defeat opponents and defend the weak. Warriors are
usually at the front of the team during combat, leading the
way and taking on tough enemies. If you want to prove yourself
as a Warrior, see Drill Sergeant
Dewey in front of the Town Hall at
Snowhill. That will lead you to the
"Becoming a Warrior"
quest. Completing
that quest unlocks
the Warrior job.

Warriors gain levels by
completing battles quests,
and contracts.

Warriors have four traits: instigation
(unlocked at level five), piercing strikes
(level ten), high moral (level fifteen), and
counterattack (level twenty). Warriors can
use power shards. They have a number of
outfits available, including Heroic Champion
and Steadfast Guardian.

Warriors have three collections:
Warrior Axe Materials, Warrior Magical Axe Essences,
and Warrior Stories.

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