Trading Card Game (TCG)

Trading Card Game: You can play the Free Realms Trading Card game on a table or other flat surface, with cards and a playing area. But you can also play an online version within Free Realms itself. In both versions you use the creatures in your deck to hunt and attack in order to earn more cards
win battles. Shuffle you deck, then build a hand of six cards. At the start of your turn, you draw two or more cards, then ready your cards, then collect a coin for each one in your inventory. You can spend the coins to play creatures and actions. Next you attack or hunt to score cards. You can attack if your opponent has a foe available. Otherwise you hunt for cards instead. The first player to score twelve cards wins the game.

If you're playing a Card Duelist, you can also win special cards by playing against various NPCs (built in characters I believe). Most NPCs who have decks use Trick Decks first—if you win against them, they'll give you three cards from their deck. Then they send you off to run errands for them. After that you can play the NPCs with their Tournament Decks. If you win, you get three hero cards that represent the NPCs. If you beat an NPCs Trick Deck and Tournament Deck, you can try their Creature Deck and Resource Deck as well. Those are harder decks to defeat though. Beating an NPCs Creature Deck earns you three creature cards. Beating a Resource Deck gets you three resource cards, of course.

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