You have entered the world of Sacred Grove.
Here you can explore, have adventures, battle,
make crafts, and socialize. It is a world
of magic and wonder, where all manner of
creatures roam freely. Come on in and take a look
Queen Valerian is the queen of Sanctuary
and the ruler of all the pixies scattered
across Sacred Grove. She is a direct
descendent of Ayani, the legendary hero who
founded the kingdom. Valerian's parents were
the king and queen until someone poisoned
them! The royal advisor, Geoffrey, blamed her sister,
Princess Lavender, and all the chugagwugs that served
as the royal bodyguards. Valerian listened to him, and
exiled her own sister and all the chugawugs. Lavender was outraged.
She snuck down to the underground chamber that held the sacred
Heartseed, the source of the World Tree that was the royal palace.
Lavender tore the Heartseed in half! Then she carried one half away
to Briarheart, where she grew a dark version of the World Tree and
name it Briarheart Palace. Lavender changed her name
to Darkthorne after Ayani's twin sister. Now she rules part of
Sacred Grove from Briarheart Palace and plots revenge on her
sister. Many of the chugawugs went with her because the still
believe in their duty to protect the royal family. Others moved to
Wugachug or took a life of crime as thugawugs. Sacred Grove
still trembles from the split in the royal family, and many worry
about the war that could someday occur.

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