Station Cash

Station Cash is money in Free Realms. You
can use it in the Marketplace. There is also
a Coin Shop in Free Realms. I only buy
something in the Marketplace when it
falls under at least two of these categories:

1. It is NOT in the Coin Shop!

2. It is on sale!

3. You like, REALLY super want it!

4. It is a special item for the holiday!

When you first make an account on
Free Realms you get Staion Cash too!
When I joined, it was 250 but I think it
is now 199. I like to save up for items.
Then I think during the Hall Pass event you
got some every month. You can also buy
pre-paid cards at the following places:

Target, Best Buy, RiteAid, GameStop,
7-Eleven, and Blockbuster.

And, you can't earn it by doing minigames
or any quests! (Atleast that I know of.)

Tip: When you get a pre-paid card,
use it during a double or triple
Station Cash event!

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