Recipes Effects

Spiralmint Steak

Increases health by 76 in combat

Savory Spiralmint Soup

Makes you smaller

Gummyfruit Gumbo
Increases energy by 5 in combat

Burnetta's Curious Creation
+ 7 Talent

Crispy Choychoy Delight

Increases movement speed by 30%

Mystery Pot Roast
+ 14 Talent

Slugmud Surprise

+ 14 Talent

Glerga's Gourmet Goulash

+ 14 Talent

Gummyfruit Topped Sundae

+ 14 Talent

Strong Arm Stew
Increases health by 76 in combat and makes you larger

Honey Milk Sundae

Sizzling Snowberry Saute

Increases health by 233 in combat

Fried Starnut Stick

Increases energy by 15 in combat

Starnut Sundae

Increases ability damage by 20%

Stainberry Chocolate Gumdrop

+ 21 Talent

Rainleaf Wrapped Dumplings

+ 21 Talent

Merri's Marinated Mystery Meat

+ 28 Timing; Increases ability damage by 20%

Royal Stew Du Jour

Increases movement speed by 50%

Seared Stainberry

+ 28 Talent

Spicy Vegetable Stirfry

+ 28 Talent

Oddly Colored Omelette

+ 28 Talent

De'Flor Family Fried Dumplings

Makes you larger

Moonbean Sundae Sweettreat

Increases energy by 25 in combat

Moonbean Mousse

+ 35 Talent

Briarmelon Surprise

+ 35 Talent

Candied Briarmelon

Increases ability damage by 20%

Honey Roasted Moonbean

Increases health by 712 in combat

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