Here is the list of recipes:

  • Savory Spiralmint Soup
  • Gummyfruit Gumbo
  • Burnetta's Curious Creation
  • Crispy Choychoy Delight
  • Slugmud Surprise
  • Glerga's Gourmet Goulash
  • Sizzling Snowberry Saute
  • Stainberry Chocolate Gumdrop
  • Merri's Marinated Mystery Meat
  • Oddly Colored Omelette
  • Honey Roasted Moonbean
  • Candied Briarmelon
  • Dancing Monkey Bokken
  • Lunar Enchanted Wand
  • Strong Scrapper Hammer
  • Frenzy Fighter Hammer
  • Striking Serpent Sword
  • Brutal Blast Bow
  • Void Woven Wand
  • Eclipse Infused Wand

Now, I'm not sure if you can unlock recipes on different quests, but I would say most likely you could. But this list is recipes in the Coin Shop.

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