Quest Line

Here is the Quest Line!

Humble Beginnings: Weeding - Pull 10 Weeds
Humble Beginnings: Placing Soil - Place 1 Plot
Humble Beginnings: Planting a Seed - Plant 1 Bumbleberry Seed
Humble Beginnings: Watering Crops - Water You B.B. Seed
Humble Beginnings: Harvesting - Harvest Bumbleberry
The Farmer Market: Sell Farmer Chug's Extra Crops
Snowberry Sample: Get 5 Snowberry Samples
Birds of a Feather: Scare 8 Birds
Wild Mixtures: Mix a Wildroot and Other Samples
Ya Know What Bugs Me?: Spray 8 Swarms of Bugs
Goody Goody Gumdrops: Mix Gummyfruit and Rainleaf to Make 3 Gumdrop Seeds
Till Next Time: Till 3 Fallow Soil Plots Using Your Tiller
Be A Star and Give Me A Mint: Harvest 5 Starmints

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