Ninja are masters of the ancient art of
combat and deception.
Wielding swords,
shuriken, and other exotic weapons, they
can vanish from plain sight to perform
damaging sneak attacks. Master Ty once
taught at the defunct Dragon Clan Dojo,
but now lives in Lakeshore and trains
only those who are worthy. Visit Ty on
the southeast shore of Rainbow Lake to
begin the Ninja Path quest.

Ninja gain levels by completing
battles, Ninja quests, and contracts.

The Ninja gain four traits: ultimate
power (unlocked level five), shrouded
armor (level ten), ninja's grace (at
level fifteen), and dragon's boon
(at level twenty). Ninja have a wide
variety of outfits, including Soaring
Eagle and Twisting Cobra, and
many different items.

The three Ninja collections:
are Ninja Stories, Ninja Magical
Sword Essence, and Ninja
Sword Materials.

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