Kart Driver

Kart Drivers pull off crazy power
slides and massive jumps while racing
friends, competitors, and other
inhabitants of the Free Realms.
Drivers can customize the appearance
and performance of their hot rods to
include all sorts of extras. It's all about
driving fast and looking good. Trainers
are on hand at all tracks to teach those
with a need for speed.

To start the quest Kart Driver: To
challenge Verve McNichols, visit Verve
McNichols at the east gate of Wildwood
Speedway. Kart Drivers gain levels by
completing Kart Driving minigames and
Kart Driver quests. Your equipment
includes a helmet and a jacket.

The three Kart Driver collections
are Kart Driver Part Upgrade, Kart
Race Fuel, and Kart Race Tires.

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