A lot of Free Realms is about hanging out with your friends, meeting new people, and going on fun adventures. But some people really like fighting in games as well. If you enjoy a good brawl, don't worry — Free Realms has got you covered. There are many battles, so you can fight all kinds of fierce creatures!

Combat jobs, items, and encounters were recently upgraded to increase the pace. New enemies were added to most battles, along with combat power-ups to give your character a boost. New attack options were added to the Game Guide. You can preview the prizes available from each combat, to see if it's something you want to win, plus you get to spin the wheel for additional loot after you win.

Combat encounters are divided into five tiers of difficulty
levels. Each tier indicates the level you should or need to
have in your combat job before attempting this encounter.

Tier 1:
You can be level 1, but shouldn't be above level 4. If you're level 5
or above, the combat encounters may be too easy for you.

Tier 2:
You shouldn't try these combat encounters unless you're at least
level 5. If you're above level 8, the encounters may be too easy
for you.

Tier 3:
These encounters require you to be at least level 5. They work best
for levels 9 through 12.

Tier 4:
You should be level 9 to try these encounters, Levels 13 through
16 work best.

Tier 5:
You must be at least level 13 to enter these encounters. They work
best for levels 17 through 20.

You cannot enter encounters that are more than one tier above your current level.

Combat abilities are now tied to your weapons. Each weapon
has two different attacks:

A normal attack, which can be used as often as you want. Normal
attacks don't drain your energy. They also hit every time, provided
the creature you're battling is within range.

A super attack. This attack does a lot of damage and knocks out
any normal monster it hits. Super attacks drain all your energy,
however, so you won't be able to use your super attack again until
your energy fills back up.

Armor and weapons are important, and you should check the
Marketplace or Coin Shop for new weapons every few levels. If your
existing armor and weapons are better, you can always sell the new
gear at the Marketplace. Higher tier encounters should offer better
gear and you'll need that new gear to get through the tougher tiers.

If you're not interested in combat, though, don't worry — you don't have
to fight anything. In Free Realms, nothing will attack you unexpectedly.
You have to click on a creature or a dungeon in order to enter combat
situations. Every confrontation has an exit door as well — once you click
the door the encounter is over and you can move on to other activities,
or other encounters. But keep in mind that you cannot exit through the
door until you've completed the combat mission! Don't worry, though,
you can always use the red exit button at the top of the screen if
you want to leave the battle without finishing.

Also, when you defeat a boss in a battle, you can earn a Mystery Chest!
Use a Mystery Key to unlock it to get a special prize! For further information
on Mystery Chests, go here:

Here is a list of battles you can do:

P.S. If you see this: (M), that means members only!

  • Bixie Hive
  • Cracked Claw Caverns
  • Hot Spings Haven
  • King of the Ring!
  • Sheep Watch
  • Tavern Cellar
  • Arachnia's Lair
  • Danger Peaks
  • Den of Secrets
  • Highroad Hijinx
  • Robgoblin Treasure Trove
  • Sweetwater Climb
  • The Bat Cave!
  • Bone Bog Cemetery (M)
  • Bristlewood Glade (M)
  • Deep Mines (M)
  • Floren Forest (M)
  • Forgotten Caves (M)
  • Howling Hills (M)
  • Misty Mountain (M)
  • Deep Mines (M)
  • Mushroom Cavern (M)
  • The Snarling Hedges (M)
  • Bandit Hideout! (M)
  • Briar Patch (M)
  • Croaking Vale (M)
  • Darvon's Descent (M)
  • Frostfang Caverns (M)
  • Grexan's Camp (M)
  • Mugwort's Hollow (M)
  • Vale of the Ancients (M)
  • Briarheart Caverns (M)
  • Cray Caves (M)
  • Dark Spore Depths (M)
  • Forest Troll Fort (M)
  • Haunted Mines (M)
  • Snowy Canyon (M)
  • Tanglewood Fort (M)
  • Trail of Betrayal (M)
  • Treeleaf's Retreat (M)
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