Every day is an incredible adventure in Free
with so much to experience and explore.
Leave no rock unturned as you discover
new and exciting items to collect. You
may want to keep the rock, too!
Collecting items isn't just a fun
way to spend your time, though. When
you pick up the last item in a set you complete the
collection and usually earn an item reward of some sort.
Here are some of the collections you can work on
in Free Realms. Be sure to rummage through robgoblin junk piles —
you never know what rare treasures you may find

Here are some things you can collect!

  • Buttons
  • Bottles
  • Keys
  • Fireflies
  • Ghostly Laterns
  • Gold Medals
  • Medals of Honor
  • Mushroom Rings
  • Postman Stamps
  • Rare Exploration
  • Sabretooth Fossils
  • Shark Teeth Fossils
  • Sheels
  • Sparkling Water
  • Spiders

And those are only a few! There are lots
more of collections you can have in
Free Realms! So go and explore now!

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