Strategically move your chess
pieces across the board to
capture the enemy's pieces
and put the king into
Hover over each piece to
display what movements are
possible for that piece.
Each chess piece has a unique
style of movement. Moving a
chess piece to a square
occupied by the opponent
will capture the piece.
The king can move on
square in any direction. The
goal of the game is to protect
your king.
If the king can be attacked, it
is in "check". The only valid
move is to protect your king.
If there are no moves that
can protect the king, it is in
"checkmate" and the game is
Once each game, the king can
perform a move called
"castling", in which the king is
moved to squares toward
the rook, and the rook is
moved on the far side of the
The queen can move in any
direction along a straight line.
Bishops can only move on the
Knights can jump over other
pieces. Their move pattern is
Rooks can be moved forward or
Pawns are unique in that
they move one space forward
but can only capture at a
Pawns can move two places
forward for their first move.
If a pawn moves to the
opposite end of the board, it
can be "promoted". The
pawn is replaced with queen.
If you decide to move your
pawn two spaces forward,
your opponent has the option
of acting as if you moved it
only one space. This option
only lasts one turn and allows
them to capture your pawn
with a properly placed pawn.


Primary: Defeat your opponent!
Secondary: Capture 2 Pawns
Bonus: Capture 2 Bishops
M. Bonus: Capture a Queen
M. Elite: Don't lose any Queens

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