Chef: Are you the next top Chef in Free Realms?
Master the culinary arts, and hone your skills with
challenging minigames. Create interesting recipes
and tasty delights. ood can be eaten or given
or sold to other players to provide bonuses and
helpful effects. Auguste Frydaze at Highroad
Junction is an excellent Chef and can teach
anyone interested in the culinary arts. To unlock
the Chef job, visit a cooking table and start the
quest Chef: Anyone Can Cook! This will lead you
to a Chef trainer.

Chefs get stars by finishing cooking
minigames and Chef quests.
They can use tools,
wear Chef gea, and equip various accesoriess
(including jewelry, power shards, and flair shards),
which they can buy from vendors or win by finishing
quests or completing cooking minigames. Chefs also
need recipes, ingredients, and supplies. Ingredients
can be harvesteed at various farms. Supplies have to
be bought. (Most likely at the Coin Shop!)

Chefs have three collections: Chef's Cake Baking
Books, Chef Cake Baking Utensils, and Chef's
Cake Platters.

TIP: Don't make the misktake of thinking Chefs are silly
or useless.
They're not! Chefs can make food that increases your
stats, improve your combat abilites, makes you grow, or
makes you shrink. Plus their food is delicious!

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