Card Duelist

Card Duelist:
The Free Realms
Trading Card Game is fun
and easy! There are Card
Duelists in many places who are
happy to challenge you to duels.
Some will even award you special
cards for winning matches. When you
start the Trading Card Game (TCG) for the
first time, you will receive a free starter pack.
Visit Poe Tatters in Sanctuary to get started
on the quest Card Duelist: Enter the Champion.
You can find him on the southeast corner of
Sunrise Street (the road in Pixiewood Hills that
crosses the main road north of the Sanctuary
warpstone), near the card table.

Card Duelists gain levels by completing
Trading Card Game minigames and Card
Duelist quests.

They can use any item labeled for
Freestyle jobs,
including power shards,
and use trading cards for their TCG minigames. They can
also get virtual rewards by buying boosters and starters
in the Marketplace. Card Duelists have on collection, the
Briarwood Club Cards. You have to redeem the Briarwood
Collector's Card virtual reward first.

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