Blackspore (Blackspore Swamp) is a town in the southeast corner of Sacred
Grove. It is a dark and gloomy place where there is little difference between
night and day. Amid the bogs are rotting remains of what existed before
the Unbinding, including archaeological sites and the Ancient's Wall. A lot of
mystery still surrounds Blackspore, especially the missing miners.
Blackspore is built alongside a dark lake and the town itself, Mire's Edge,
is clumped in a loose knot along the shore. Most of Blackspore is swampland.
There are many unique spots concealed around the swamp, and it's easy to get
turned around while seeking them. Blackspore is separated from the rest of
Sacred Grove by a mountain range that rings the town. There are two tunnels
under the mountains that lead to town, and there is also a warpstone in
Blackspore near the main population center.


  • Balok Battlerock
  • Figwort
  • Landon
  • Larkspur
  • Ned
  • Splortata
  • Tinker Smolderings
  • Tolliver
  • Trent Gingertuft

Places of Interest:

  • Ancient's Wall
  • Blackspore Warpstone
  • Mire's Edge
  • Mucklewhump's Ferry
  • Quagmire Quarry
  • Shadow Talon Dojo
  • Sinking Graveyard
  • Splortata's Camp
  • The Guild House
  • The Isle of Tears
  • Blackspore Pet Adoption Center
  • Oberyn's Retreat
  • Relic Excavation Site


  • Bone Bog Cemetary
  • Cracked Claw Caverns
  • Haunted Mines


  • Bergram Stumpfinger
  • Cray Marauder
  • Grave Elemental
  • Mudshell
  • Spawn of Necrosis
  • Tormented Spirit
  • Venomous Frog
  • Wraith


  • Artifacts Schmartifacts!
  • Forging
  • Game Table
  • Rich Silver Mining
  • Sal Monella Special
  • Silver Mining
  • Smelting Furnace


  • Blackspore
  • Blackspore Rare Exploration
  • Miner Materials
  • Miner Materlials (Rare Collection)
  • Pile of Fossils
  • Pile of Fossils (Rare Collection)
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